A person clean the car

There is always a feeling of hype and excitement regarding buying cars and even more when it’s from your hard-earned money over the years. One could never put these feelings into a speech and express them. Just the pride and possession of it shows it. The aroma of the new fresh new colour paint takes our breaths away. If you want to make major improvements on your car, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via 안전놀이터.

How to take care of your car?

Now comes the question of how can we keep our cars that way, keep it all new and good just like the times when we bought them? The answer to this is simply that if you explore enough, you’ll surely get to know about car care services that offer both interiors and exterior treatments that will help you get your car back into the form it was. All new and shiny and also with some additional traits too.
This comes to the point of the need to discuss the need for protective coatings available in the outlets. Two of these are the most common and widely used. One is the Teflon coating, and the other is the Ceramic coating.

Steps to be followed while creating a car

Before any treatment begins, the first step involved the thorough washing of our car, which can be done with a cleaner at home regularly for a certain period or taking it to a car wash centre and get it done by professionals. After the wiping of the car completely, the next step involved is polishing. Next, the car is polished thoroughly with the help of proper equipment like a rotatory polisher and a dual-action polisher. The job thus resulting in shinning the car body and also the removal of any swirl marks. Once these steps are completed, the main part of this job is to apply a Ceramic coating or a Teflon coating.
Going into the depths of both of these materials, technically, Teflon is a synthetic wax-based fluoropolymer with a coating thickness of 0.2 microns and forms a layer of protection over the painted panels. At the same time, Ceramic coating uses Carborundum as a clean coat over the car’s body. When used on a car’s body, making a chemical bond with the layer of paint forms a fresh coat that is resistant to chemical or physical engravings and protection from rust. Moreover, it being hydrophobic, it makes up for water-resistant too. The price range usually differs as Ceramic coating is a bit expensive, being around 20000-30000, varying with the car and the type of treatment, whereas Teflon coating comes at a cheaper rate going on around 5000-20000.
To conclude, both of these coatings can help make our car back to the way it was and guarantee some added protection. To look at it my way, Ceramic coating being a bit expensive though, is the best option to choose to be durable and is resistant to all types of weather attacks, specks of dust, scratches, etc. Moreover, it’s being everlasting prevents the regular servicing of your cars and financially viable too. However, Teflon coating, on the other hand, is affordable but comes with less durability, lesser time-span covering only 5-6 months and also offers less protection than Ceramic one.